How are webcashmatic results ?

The money data-valuation activity produces automatic cash results distributed every day at 12:00

Webcashmatic results are a kind of automatic results in cash, coming from the computational cloud process that people can trigger by the app PSH-Personal Savings Helper allowing the constitution of personalized digital savings and the online treatment of the money data for valuation risk free as time go.

The money with embedded time as commodity, has become processable to run on Internet and with data accountable in multiple dynamics 

The algorithmical treatment embedded in your app PSH knows your identity and the date-time of your digital savings creations that are registered objects achieved by merging in each 1 Owndated Webquantum (OW), the name of the owner titular and the inicial time moment of each savings digital object constitution. 

Since this first algorithmical step the money you want allocate to value the data is shifted from it fiat asset into the property asset : each US$ 10.- becomes = 1 OW (owndated webquantum) property and it is from your first data-valuation act that triggers the dynamic position of your flash account.

With app PSH-Personal Savings Helper you get the power to process all the 4 parts of your money

just adding to it your identity and the time_date of your economic action

 because your Business Process as a Service let you make automatic results in cash and a capacity to multiply.

From monetary part

On the second algorithmical step, your personal Business Process as a Service start bringing resources of Google Cloud Structure under framed protocoles with standards of W3Consortium and with regulations of US Administration to effective work of data-valuation action in Internet space for the World.  

The cloud ressources let deploy dynamic attributes and can make the work to you to keep the cash phase of all your digital savings as first point : it's your digital savings base called #cashkeeping phase going forever and feature of the money data-valuation economic practice.

Now it's in this second step that the digital form of your money (designed to become the digital US dollar), allows the computacional treatment to extract economic power of all 4 parts of money : from monetary part, from financial part, from taxable part and from spiritual part.

Results from monetary part

That's why your PSHelper app at your do-g-phone, pushes your money into digital savings transformation that produces all #webcashmatic results generated in each of all 4 workable fields on the money body.

Google's Cloud processional computation service in charge of the technology of your business process, pushes the monetary part of your digital savings properties linking each burden of US$ 10.- to the production at the Universocial Sovereign Anchor using at kick off moment one financial magnetic force of US$ 1 trillion consignated at the US Fed sharing production in day payable conditions at the interest fixed for good of 2%/year/365. 

Anchorized, this processional work insure by the way 2 functions for each OW :

1. Function #cashkeeping that consists in the capacity to revert the initial cash amount shifted for data-valuation ; 

         [Results on dynamic digital savings RESERVES]

2. Function of #cash-sharing-cash on cash production to legitimate the right to share cash results :

a) Each OW share it capacity of production of US$ 0,000548/day ;  

 [Sharing PRODUCTION capacity of monetary part]

b) Each OW share every day results produced at USAnchor.   

[Legitimacy for RESULTS capacity of monetary part]

Resullts from financial part

Results from financial part

Google's Cloud processional computation service in charge of the achievement of your business process, pushes the financial part of your digital objects it means yours Owndated Webquantums properties, into the T.O.M. The Time Owned Market where for :

1. Application of day results at 12:00 New York local time :

a) By random definition of 20'000 (twenty thousand) lucky O.W.s, 1 slice of cash results to each ;

b) Definition of each 1 slice volume by seniority or time at cash production at the Universocial Sovereign Anchor.

 [Multiplied results of the financial part]

2. Trading business of Owndated Webquantums or Personalized Digital savings properties

a) Assignment and endorsement of ownership O.W. properties;

 [Capital gains by time as commodity on digital savings negotiation market]

b) Registration of onerous contracts over digital savings objects;

 [Income from temporary contracts on digital savings objects]

3. Information and Public Certifications

a) Publication of notices motivated by results attributed to inheritances.

 generalities and claims